Crafts and Creations was launched in 2002 initially conceptualized as a no-profit venture, working towards selling and promoting the concept of environmental concern and commitment. By designing and selling environment friendly cotton bags, it was selling not only a beautiful, well-designed, quality product but also a whole meaning behind it. We have been lavishly complimented for our efforts and frankly cannot deny enjoying it all – from the hard work to the kudos.

In the course of setting up Crafts and Creations, we have chanced upon innumerable achievements and failures. One achievement of which we are particularly proud, is the status and dignity we have been able to impart to hundred and fifty odd women in the villages of Rajasthan by organizing them as a workforce involved in the manufacturing of our bags. We have been greatly facilitated in our efforts by the support and guidance of various NGOs and corporates.

This manifestation of our business has satisfied us immensely and provided an opportunity to provide impetus through employment to a small but meaningful, number of village women.

Crafts and Creations has, from the inception, propagated and maintained environmental care as its fundamental ideology. As a result, it has posited a definite business policy which subsumes social duty by working in tandem with social organizations and various corporations by supplying environment friendly bags at competitive prices.

Today, Crafts and Creations is a team involving over 200 people and we are based in Jaipur, INDIA. We are the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly cotton bags, aprons and other eco-friendly custom made products.We promote the use of cotton bags as a medium of promotion and spread the concern to save our environment. So, join us and SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS!