We manufacture Aprons from heavy duty eco-friendly cotton canvas. We offer you various kinds of Aprons for Chefs, women and factory workers

Drawstring Bags

Get online drawstring bags made up of brushed and normal cotton made up of fine quality available at attractive and cheap prices .

Duffel Bags

A duffle bag is a large cylindrical bag made of heavy duty canvas with the closure at the top. These bags are used as kit bags or gym bags.

Dust Shoe Bags

To keep your shoes clean and safe dust shoe are available in different variety of fabrics at crafts and creations that will keep your shoes dust free.

Fundraising Ideas

Through the Canvas Bag Program. schools, students and their families will become aware of an eco-friendly alternative to one time use plastic shopping bags. Students will begin to embrace the importance of recycling and apply this knowledge as proactive salespersons. Schools could generate upto 200% profits by promoting Canvas Bags.

Jute Bags

They are easy to clean, sturdier than plastic bags and can be used to carry everything from groceries to household shopping items. Business owners can use printed Jute shopping bags as a way to advertise their brand as well as contribute to a cleaner environment.

Laptop Bags

Everybody can find leather or some other unhygienic chemically created fabric laptop bags. These are not breathable and also expensive options.
We at Crafts & Creations, have developed eco-friendly canvas laptop bag. This is an inexpensive & environment-friendly bag made out of canvas or other cotton materials or varieties.

Laundry Bags

They are great for hotels. Excellent quality bags which promise to last long. These can be sewn, printed, and even hand dyed to your favorite color.

Organza Bags

Organza bags are good for packaging your premium products including jewellery. We can custom print these bags with your logo.

Promotional Bags

one can design own custom bags according to its needs for promotions. Variety of available fabrics and design can be chosen to design bags .

Shopping/Calico Bags

shop online for bags from crafts and creations for amazing shopping/canvas/cotton/calico bags. Shopping for these bags one will be promoting the environment also.

Tote Bags

Buy tote bags online made up of good stuff having fashionable and stylish look and are available at affordable price, will be delivered at your door step.

Tradeshow bags

There numerous benefits to using printed cotton bags as giveaway trade show bags for both business owners as well as consumers. They can be re-used end-number of times.